Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My summary on Annie Dillard's "The Chase"

I had to write a summary on the short story "The Chase" written by Annie Dillard for my English class, and since I haven't posted in 9 months, I thought i might as well post it on here. :) So here it is. Oh, by the way, it might not be that great, because I have never written a summary before this one, and I'm not that great at grammer, so there might
be a lot of mistakes. But, please enjoy nontheless :P

The Chase, written by Annie Dillard, is a story in first-person form, about the author and her friends throwing snowballs at passing cars. But one little mistake the author made, was throwing a snowball at a black Buick. The Buick pulled over, and out came a man who ran after the children. The man chased them for what seemed like an eternity. He chased them through hedges, down snowy steps, through every grubby backyard in Pittsburgh. He chased them up Lloyd Street and down Edgerton Avenue; block after block.
Eventually, the children grew tired and sluggish, and eventually the man caught them by their jackets. He caught his breath and, “You stupid kids,” was all he said. “Redundant, a mere formality, and beside the point.” was how Dillard described this “chewing out”. The author believes the point of the chase was that the man chased them passionately, without giving up. The man could have done many things to the children, cut of their heads, beat them, but no, just three simple words she never forgot.
K, well there you go


Emii said...

I read your profile, and I think we have a lot in common -- I haven't met a miley fan in ages, LOL! I have a blog called Girlz 4 God, and i love yours!!!! :):)


Sarah said...

Ok, cool I'll check it out :)

Thanks. This isn't my normal blog though. My normal blog is: http://equinek9luvr.blogspot.com :) and i have a couple other blogs too, lol.

princess in disguise said...

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Anonymous said...

Good review - I liked it - but you should know that "You stupid kids" was not ALL the man he said. They were merely the first three words he said, and the only ones the author remembered. The man spent quite a bit of time "chewing them out" after that, presumably saying things like "you kids should be in school, you shouldn'y be causing trouble throwing snowballs at random cars, you could hurt someone...etc". That's the part that was "redundant".

And it's also worth noting that the man said these "redundant" and nonmemorable words because there was really nothing else he could say or do. After catching them, what could he do next to prolong the "glory" that the author felt during the actual chase? The only thing he could have done, laughably, was lopped off her head and murdered her. In other words, there's really nothing he could have done.

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